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Linda Henning is a Pennsylvania born artist living in the amazing Rogue Valley of Oregon.  She majored in Fine Art in California and Oregon colleges and spent most of her career in print production printing other artist works.
She was encouraged to get back to her roots in drawing and painting in 2005 and has been working to refine her craft since then.  She has attended workshops in Alaska and Oregon studying with working professionals, and most recently, working in classic portraiture. 


A portrait is a celebration, of love, of life, or of achievement. It could be an animal or a place you hold in your heart. It all can be celebrated,  for we are all valued by those who care for us. To own a portrait is not to be vain, but to acknowledge that the subject matters to those who care for them, whether in a family context or in business.

Capturing Love

on canvas

People, Pets and Homes